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Just Plain Hosed

Somebody or Something Done You Wrong?

Wow.  So, we have absolutely no idea what this site is all about. What we do know is that most everyone these days feels hosed!

That’s right . . . the Middle Class is hosed, poor working stiffs are hosed, the 99% is hosed, the Texas Rangers are hosed, Wall Street is hosed, Greece is hosed and heck, even President Obama is hosed!

But whether something or someone is responsible; or whether these folks hosed themselves, they’re still hosed!  Yep, might have done it to themselves – hey 99%, here’s lookin’ at you!  Or, maybe they just plain got hosed . . . think about that kid you’ve heard about who has cancer.  Hosed big time. But they probably have a lesson to share that makes most of us feel pretty small wallowing in our own Chief Hoser world.

Think You’ve Been Hosed?

What’s that ya say?  You been wronged?  Some body or some thing did something that hosed ya – well, don’t just sit there. Tell the world about it!

In the coming days, please look for ways to contribute your own hoser tidbit.  We want to hear your stories. This is a work in progress; and we’re sure there will be many surprises, switch-backs, detours and a derailment here and there. . . . all part of being Hosed!